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Beautiful Passion

they gathered around the counter

three self-identified, self-proclaimed artists

it was good, there was a rumble of excitement

plans to collaborate spilling out, colliding with 

guitar strums, charcoal strokes, and penned details

one already knew his title, two were newly discovered

i wish i could capture the passion that filled the air

a reminder they could keep in their pockets

it crackled like lightning hitting close to a peak

sizzled like that very first time you really enjoyed sex

exhilaration like that first bicycle ride with no hands

passion, is a beautiful thing

spawning a lifetime of thrills and adventure

teaching you early on to throw fear

along with caution, to the wind

causing others to stop, take notice

and pick passion up again

Cracked Sky

last call of the night

first walk of the day

cool air on both our faces

winding down, winding up

forever winding


ticktock, ticktock, clock face

circling round and round

text messages, alarm sounds

drip, drip, drip of coffee

steady humming snores


shared space in cool air

good morning, good night

good to be here

Waterfall Offering

i have my own waterfall picture

framed with mirror along the edge

perhaps this is so it can reflect

like water at a cascade’s base

or a storyteller from our tribe

it plugs in and it lights up

it even moves and roars

reminds me of a younger son

searching for a ritual to manhood

looking for tokens to place at my feet

selected one afternoon just for me

a gift of my own piece of solitude

hangs in the corner of my room

curious how such a young man knew

I was looking for a place I could go

for me alone, that could soothe my soul

Friendship Flower




if i could i would make you a flower of your own

it would smell like vanilla and your favorite soap

a different brilliant color would grace each petal

there would be no thorns to find you unexpectedly

nectar would drip from the petals like honeysuckle

others would wonder at the odd bloom in your hand

but i suspect a smile would break through like a secret

and the next day i would greet you with a full bouquet

Communion Hands

"Communion" created by Gary Price

"Communion" by Gary Price


There are many requests to place hands across

Hands Across America

Hands Across Nations

Hands Across The World

The Water

The Lake

The Sea

I don’t know these hands, I am ashamed to admit


I do know

hold your hand as you are dying so that you will not go alone

hold my hand while crossing so that I might protect from inexperience

hold our hands across our hearts as a sign of gratitude

most of all, I know

cradle hearts softly in hands lest they be broken and the communion end

By Request

An Icy Sun Untouched

An Icy Sun Untouched


Per one sassy request…  This is the original photo that I manipulated to use with Chasing Shadows.  It really is too cool of a photo not to share with everyone.

Headlines, Headliners, & Crime


Horse owner’s flyer asks for help with executions                                             

4 arrested after police chase, crash                                                                         

Boulder Valley teachers protest pay                                                                       

Albertsons to shut 5 Colorado stores                                                                      

Aurora cops say attacks on women may be linked                                            

Meth pipeline busted in Colorado                                                                             

Families ask Colo. gov. not to close nursing home                                            

Pakistani Taliban admit leader killed                                                                      

Coroner rules Jackson’s death a homicide                                                            

Cash for Clunkers generates 700K new car sales        



The Killers

The Bouncing Souls

All Time Low

Skinny Puppy

The Almost

No Plot Kill

Social Distortion

King Rat

Murder By Death

The Used



A random pick of headlines and headliners, to be mixed and matched

                          horse killers, crash souls, pay low

                                           shut puppy, women almost, meth kill

                                                                           families distortion, taliban rat, homicide death

                                                                                                      clunkers used


they begin to sound the same

one a commentary for the other

my lovely words tarnished, abused

heart aching for a silver tongue