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Whisper Request

speak of foods that melt in mouth
dreams that land softly on pillows
laughter recalled in darkest night
kisses imprinted on each reunion
fill me up with fragrant serenades
let joyful memories be my bounty
calling me home from masquerade
let cloaks of sadness be checked
fill no hearts with longing regrets
curse only the act to seek a divide
weep losses while knitting them in
nightmares lasting only an instance
whisper me a future of gratitude


Beautiful Passion

they gathered around the counter

three self-identified, self-proclaimed artists

it was good, there was a rumble of excitement

plans to collaborate spilling out, colliding with 

guitar strums, charcoal strokes, and penned details

one already knew his title, two were newly discovered

i wish i could capture the passion that filled the air

a reminder they could keep in their pockets

it crackled like lightning hitting close to a peak

sizzled like that very first time you really enjoyed sex

exhilaration like that first bicycle ride with no hands

passion, is a beautiful thing

spawning a lifetime of thrills and adventure

teaching you early on to throw fear

along with caution, to the wind

causing others to stop, take notice

and pick passion up again