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Tear to Cheek

flying in
over open sea
falling from sky
drifting out
infinite scape
spilling from spirit
no sense of time
just circumstance
on desert scape
tear to cheek

Broken Stick

light bends
becoming a divining rod
for color
i push a doll in a buggy
years before i wonder
about you
like an open watch back
i am staring again
wheels spinning
teasing out how things work
wondering if we are
still keeping time
or in need of repair
because something skipped
and now the wand
only finds
shades of gray

Not a Fan

i strive to discover all the aspects

of who i am and who i can be

today i was reminded

this is not about

being all you can be

this is about choices


i am not one of the cool kids

the pressure is too great

conformity eludes me

my filters are often broken

there is no real interest in repair


i am not a tarantino fan

he is an artist, i get it

i cannot resolve

graphic scenes left behind

cluttering my favorite place to wander


i am not my best when tired

no apologies for this one

exhaustion means no more

reserves are empty

it is my turn


sometimes i slip and forget

i can turn down the invite

everyone else accepted

i can walk out on screen violence

that reduces me to silent tears

i can go to bed earlier than a child

because i forgot what i am not

and it is exhausting


tomorrow i will be

more of who i am

closer to who i intend to be