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Communion Hands

"Communion" created by Gary Price

"Communion" by Gary Price


There are many requests to place hands across

Hands Across America

Hands Across Nations

Hands Across The World

The Water

The Lake

The Sea

I don’t know these hands, I am ashamed to admit


I do know

hold your hand as you are dying so that you will not go alone

hold my hand while crossing so that I might protect from inexperience

hold our hands across our hearts as a sign of gratitude

most of all, I know

cradle hearts softly in hands lest they be broken and the communion end


By Request

An Icy Sun Untouched

An Icy Sun Untouched


Per one sassy request…  This is the original photo that I manipulated to use with Chasing Shadows.  It really is too cool of a photo not to share with everyone.

No Unicorns Are Left



in a land of planned out futures

appointments surpass fun

leaving no room for mythology

 or calls for innocents


we’ve outgrown tales of virtue

and beliefs in gifts of providence

no more maidens in the field

weaving daisy chains into crowns


 no unicorns are left

to be called to laps of purity

absent is the  remedy

gone home and left us to our poison

The Haiku Summons

sunbeam on my brow

magnifying glass on ant

dead heat of summerIMG_0568

Haiku Attempt

blue flower
2009 074

climbing the mountain
the flowers sway in the wind
dancing in thin air


funneled together
on an edge of earth
falling into step
to the drum of the river
holding court in the center
heads looking skyward
for redemption in
the repose
of a beclouded day

2009 170