Monthly Archives: October 2010


dishonor in the apron
even if that is where
i long to be

scrubbing things and
creating life like
family’s recipe

fight for freedom
but not of choice
looking down on nurture

leave them all to
fend for self
not my job, your future

but what if life force
is where longing lies
a mother is who i wish to be

rub their heads
kiss scraped knees
holding worry inside of me

where will this lead
when first they fly
leaving me no child to mend

looking up unto
bright blue sky
with wisdom ready to lend

Just Silly

i remember three in a tug boat
was it faith, hope, and charity
maybe not
i think it was jack and jill
upstairs, downstairs, in a nightgown
not so much
i wonder if there was a cow and a moon
someone ran away with it all