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Enchanted Alliance

glance to a stranger

many decades gone

desire to know, learn

still lit in my heart

what words will appear

strung like diamonds

that scratch the shell

life has set to grow

layer upon layer thick

hoping glance returns

followed by invitation

electric anticipation

the dance begins, anew

Scuba Vows

stories wash up

upon calm seas

tangled  amidst

driftwood shores

images follow

brilliant snapshots

reflecting the sun

funny that

self contained




turned one into two

synchronizing lives

combining goals

creating a circle

instead of tying a knot

Cracker Jack

box me up like cracker jacks
popped, exposed, lightly coated
with a sweetness that lingers
sprinkle me with nuttiness
then dig around awhile
you might just find a prize
something endearing
worth keeping in your pocket
taking along on adventures
maybe we could be a
double pack

Chasing Shadows


i hadn’t thought of you

except as a catalyst for blame

in a long while


tonight i remembered

tarantulas running wild

a sun made of ice

slow warming hearts

that melted


i always thought you

would be a keeper

of puddled dreams

but you chased a shadow

caught it by the tail

barely glancing back


i watched

the last drops


into the dry air

of a colorado summer



Red Tag

forget frogs and snails and puppy-dog’s tails

little boys should come with a red tag warning

will jump more than a frog

respond slower than a snail

be more hyper than any tail

will steal your heart and mind with his eyes

respond to kisses and hugs when nobody is watching

be an incredible friend that you will worry about forever

will have stitches from his various adventures

respond to kleenex by wiping his nose on his sleeve

be a giant you want to cradle when another bone breaks

will grow into a man that is amazing to watch

respond to his world with the love you poured out

be a joy you will one day release to other waiting arms

I guess a red tag wouldn’t change anything