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dead horses


how do they run

on broken legs

without their springs

or hearts

how do they see

through faded paint

lacklustre eyes

mind shut

how do they breathe

in stale thoughts

linen wrapped

in death

Twerking Monkey



I have a twerking monkey
She sits up on the shelf
Staying nice and low-key
Always sticking to her self
Until the music finds her
Drifting toward the sky
I see her toes start tapping
From the corner of my eye
The toes are entertaining
And her head begins to bob
With a tutu and a headpiece
This monkey ain’t no slob
But as the tunes continue
I question how much fun
Is a dancing monkey with
So much jiggle in her bum

Weekend Call

unknowns can be frightening

even with training

what will this alarm be

odd to train for the hope

that nobody will call

but they generally call

turns out I am best at


seems the best remedy

when nothing can be fixed

slowing my breath

others catch theirs

for a moment

that will no longer be liquid

forever frozen



what lies beneath

is not a horror

movie or show

we are the supports

shoring each other up

to polish a stone

it is still worn down

don’t let each other crumble

Silk Thread

how cliche to be on a thin line

but aren’t we all?

spin, bounce, weave, unravel

entangled, forlorn

he knew that he could not fly

spinning lifeline 

hoping for a complete end

bouncing lifeline

the struggle just multiplied

weaving lifeline

thwarted death choices

unraveling lifeline

band of struggling youth

entangled lifeline

lonely in a crowded room

forlorn lifeline

welcome to the rest of the story

life on a line




Craigslist Anonymity

standing at an asphalt junction

with a stranger that filled every space with himself

I gave the wrong answer.

What do I do?

I love, nurture, create

I cook, hike, bike

I breathe fast, I breathe slow

I plan, I’m spontaneous

I change my mind

I think, revel, stew

I love big, huge, and small

I discover, hide, ignore

I leave space for others because I know that I exist

no need to prove it by filling all of your space

What do I do?

I live

on purpose, without purpose

I laugh more than I cry

reflect within, reflect without

the mirror is ME

the mirror is YOU

we live

I dance

with rolling hips and laughing heart


the cow

the spoon

raping, reaping

siphoning cream

from the milkyway

does it matter

the stars burned out

Stripping the Village

gravity is failing

earth, round & spinning

as people fly off

children gathering apples

while adults steal from their labors

pelting each other with the spoils

leaving youth wondering

where do I hold on

as the anchors float away

Punk Rock Boy

punk boy

what can be said about a punk rock boy

at chuck e cheese that would make sense

can you be a rebel without being rebellious

ask only questions without real answers

are you wise enough to be our caricature

crying out against inequality and injustice

pointing out that we gave up our freedom

with the purchase of comfortable recliners

that sit in front of flat screen televisions

grown beyond the original technicolor yawn

no wonder you look angry holding that cup

Headlines, Headliners, & Crime


Horse owner’s flyer asks for help with executions                                             

4 arrested after police chase, crash                                                                         

Boulder Valley teachers protest pay                                                                       

Albertsons to shut 5 Colorado stores                                                                      

Aurora cops say attacks on women may be linked                                            

Meth pipeline busted in Colorado                                                                             

Families ask Colo. gov. not to close nursing home                                            

Pakistani Taliban admit leader killed                                                                      

Coroner rules Jackson’s death a homicide                                                            

Cash for Clunkers generates 700K new car sales        



The Killers

The Bouncing Souls

All Time Low

Skinny Puppy

The Almost

No Plot Kill

Social Distortion

King Rat

Murder By Death

The Used



A random pick of headlines and headliners, to be mixed and matched

                          horse killers, crash souls, pay low

                                           shut puppy, women almost, meth kill

                                                                           families distortion, taliban rat, homicide death

                                                                                                      clunkers used


they begin to sound the same

one a commentary for the other

my lovely words tarnished, abused

heart aching for a silver tongue