Monthly Archives: March 2010

Uncertain Moon

seldom does a wolf cry out

for dogs as companions

sometimes a pack is

more important than

breed or bloodline

when the moon is

uncertain and

you can’t sleep

even though

the windows

are open 

Paper Sleeve

i watched him place it
with care upon the player
turntable spinning backwards
taking me back in time
raised arms steeped us in music
looking for hidden pictures
on the colorful covers
adding doodles to make it mine
lyrics repeating until
memorized, the song was owned
listening for secret sounds
that made it onto the tracks
switching speeds to change the mood
lip synching to known scratches
all the things he would never know
in quite the same way
i love that he took great care
slipping it back in the paper sleeve

Hershey’s Better Basket Blog Hop

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Deadbeat Dragon

she keeps licking
the underbelly of
the cerulean dragon
to see if he
will breathe fire
for her

so far
the friction of
two small sticks
is the only reward

Do you have to make a beast angry?

Mind Chasm

here lies the brain spill
vocabulary words
hirsute, fealty, solecism

differential equations
logic tumbling out
if this keeps happening

there goes the names
people met, lost
the future might hold

emotions too bid adieu
doubt, sadness, fear
leaving room for others

creating space to work
till soil, plant seed
making way for spring’s

Broken Seal

a window with a broken seal
me caught between the glass
looking in, then peering out
sweat rolling down the pane

polishing up the outside
the fog will still remain
running hot, cold, humid

Fallen Timber

Driving past forgotten houses
I remember from tree roots when
Life was bursting with family
Mariachi songs filled our bellies

Abuelita didn’t come to visit us 
Wisdom simply resided upstairs
Leaves whispering across the breeze
Decoding the immigrant speech

Then Grandma was sent away
She could only swear in Spanish
Sure that we had hidden her baby boy
Though the bough had broken long ago

Captured by an American disease
That called an institution home
Swinging from severed limbs
While screaming for her lost son

Musicbox Dancer

sometime i dance
on a pin’s head
would it be easier
to thread a needle
sew the lid shut

but the music
it would still be calling

Goodbye Sandman

my muse appeared
with sand dusted feathers

said she had wrangled
the beast i’m always chasing
upstairs, downstairs
across a sleepy town

it made my eyes feel heavy
like a quilt of cotton batting
had been laid across my lids
peace of elders withered arms
wrapped tight around
my tired soul

she made no promises
just told me to sleep
like daytime’s chores
then look for her tomorrow




today i met winter on the road

both dressed in disguise

spring day & young girl

pretending dry leaves

were buds about to pop

melting snow making way

for early crocus blooms

window down, music up

love yet to be discovered

sun beat teasing rhythm

upon our peacock breasts

as we danced

sunset our final curtain