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Calliope’s Refrain

no confining to the space within

crowded and empty at once

demanding discomforting distance

from eager lunge, empty grasp

so sleep in fitful blooms

checking the moon for missing pieces

watching petals float on clouded lids

murmuring secrets scented earthly pine

awaiting return as breeze

to ear

to heart

to hand



For Calliope

winter yawns weary breathe

upon my creasing brow

I stand up and look about

for unused fields to plow


turn under words laid in haste

seek wisdom from the wind

track my eyes all around

to see what might descend


herein lies the marker stone

of what I think I’ve done

truth be known, outside of me

an unearthly sprite does run


she visits as I’m sleeping

and when I’m hard at work

never pausing long enough

for my values to assert


still I seek her council

looking towards my harvest

will it be found bountiful

or leave me empty hearted

Deadbeat Dragon

she keeps licking
the underbelly of
the cerulean dragon
to see if he
will breathe fire
for her

so far
the friction of
two small sticks
is the only reward

Do you have to make a beast angry?

Goodbye Sandman

my muse appeared
with sand dusted feathers

said she had wrangled
the beast i’m always chasing
upstairs, downstairs
across a sleepy town

it made my eyes feel heavy
like a quilt of cotton batting
had been laid across my lids
peace of elders withered arms
wrapped tight around
my tired soul

she made no promises
just told me to sleep
like daytime’s chores
then look for her tomorrow

Angel Muse

can’t sleep

hand keeps writing in the dark

words spilling from paper to floor

dreaming with eyes open

wrist cramped

when tired comes

sleep will park as on a baby

visited by a feathered muse

with star dust sprinkled wings

Muse Wrangling

the fence broke while
errands played havoc
on restless deliberation
returning to silent mind
resting tired body to heal
watching words bounding
jumping, freely in the fields
grazing in others’ gardens
brushing off tired thoughts
grabbing lariat of longing
weary, back in the saddle
i head out, in search of her

Falling Moon

last night the moon fell
right against my head
a list, a poem, a scene
spilled into sleeping arms
humpty dumpty shattered
stars brought magic glue
moon climbed back to sky
just as i was coming to
all disappeared the moment
eyes adjusted to the night
they followed willie winkie
couldn’t have gone that far
a list, a poem, a scene
come back into my head
just in case the moon
falls again tonight