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vernal longings

coloring boiled eggs

because dyeing sounds dramatic

thinking of spring, rebirth, new growth

when you immerse in color

differences become apparent

some spots are lighter

pinpoints not changing at all

other areas are darker

soaking up all that washes over it

like yolks hidden by shell

we try on exterior washes

longing for aesthetic highs

not realizing how much is exposed

Mind Chasm

here lies the brain spill
vocabulary words
hirsute, fealty, solecism

differential equations
logic tumbling out
if this keeps happening

there goes the names
people met, lost
the future might hold

emotions too bid adieu
doubt, sadness, fear
leaving room for others

creating space to work
till soil, plant seed
making way for spring’s




today i met winter on the road

both dressed in disguise

spring day & young girl

pretending dry leaves

were buds about to pop

melting snow making way

for early crocus blooms

window down, music up

love yet to be discovered

sun beat teasing rhythm

upon our peacock breasts

as we danced

sunset our final curtain