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Uncertain Moon

seldom does a wolf cry out

for dogs as companions

sometimes a pack is

more important than

breed or bloodline

when the moon is

uncertain and

you can’t sleep

even though

the windows

are open 

Falling Moon

last night the moon fell
right against my head
a list, a poem, a scene
spilled into sleeping arms
humpty dumpty shattered
stars brought magic glue
moon climbed back to sky
just as i was coming to
all disappeared the moment
eyes adjusted to the night
they followed willie winkie
couldn’t have gone that far
a list, a poem, a scene
come back into my head
just in case the moon
falls again tonight

The Cow and The Moon

for michael
there is nothing odd about breakfast for dinner
though i admit to being drawn to the eccentric
what makes me smile at a nightcap of cereal is
the easy shift of perceptions, the liquid mind
that lives a life of poetry before picking up a pen

a bowl of milk and grain beneath a harvest moon