Monthly Archives: November 2009

Diamond Trail

walking in my sleep
i notice fermentation
in the stars, falling stars
no insanity, only pure color
beholden by gateway eyes
we have become
unalterable gemstones
etching a path through
cold metal wilderness
dispersing white light
after eating the rainbow
it has lit us on fire
leaving many to
stare at the brilliant
stone of reconciliation
wondering if they can
hold on

Snapping My Fingers

i wish i could snap my fingers

moments of peace would rain

dropping soft like snowflakes

on the mountainside at dawn

sun reflecting the inner light

i have seen in every stranger

passing moment, recognition

like bells and wings of angels

Coat of Joy

i used to wear joy like a borrowed coat
it didn’t fit quite right, always wondering if
others saw sleeves too long, bunched up
it was old and worn, slightly out of style
often got hung up on the rack in the entry
but then i remembered, we all arrive naked
coats and clothes are just an afterthought
meant to keep us warm

often function is forgotten
dress to impress attitude feels empty, cold
gray coats of sorrow draining color from soul
all the well-fitting suits like heavy heart armor
hurt attached at sleeve

i took the ensemble to the cleaners
now preserved in plastic wrap
pulled joy with silly bright patterns off the rack
shrugged it back on, no more imperfect than me

as i dance in the streets some tatters fall away
creating need for mending, pieces tucked in pocket
looking up i catch a glimpse of other coats of joy
twirling through the crowd, with closer observation
an unfolding vision of multicolored patches
gave in friendship rich as gold

Flash Mob Dance

Whether you are a fan of Oprah or the Black Eyed Peas….Please give this one a gander. Wishing a good day and the feeling that comes from a flash mob dance! Blessings All!!

Click Here! (Sorry, I couldn’t get it to embed)

Falling Moon

last night the moon fell
right against my head
a list, a poem, a scene
spilled into sleeping arms
humpty dumpty shattered
stars brought magic glue
moon climbed back to sky
just as i was coming to
all disappeared the moment
eyes adjusted to the night
they followed willie winkie
couldn’t have gone that far
a list, a poem, a scene
come back into my head
just in case the moon
falls again tonight

Winter Blanket

here is the winter blanket
loaded on a loom’s beliefs
each thread slowly gathered
from memories end to end

a hope that it is not finished
may it lengthen longer yet
to see the pattern repeating
along the lifetime’s weave

filled with brightest colors
of all that have been known
from earliest youth, childhood
to farthest breath alone

when it is time to tie the ends
remove from tension frame
wrap it tight around you
know that all the love remains 



Lineage Aflame

as elder fire turns to coal
and we become the flame
how will they know that
we are not the strangers

heir of kindling stokes us now
bringing heat and brilliant blues
stacked together on the beach
our heritage laid upon a pyre

seaside lovers warm their hands
while longing looks a blaze ignites
send up sparks to darkened sky
season ash then consecrate by name