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Midnight’s Veil

bewitching hour’s mist

digesting our dreams

loading a cricket’s back

while gulliver trespasses

upon red poppy fields

sprinkled with gold paper leaves

transparent dreams fall

innocent keep bleeding

they cannot be found

as honour crouches

to spring, elusive

from pocketed breast

a resolution

long to be anonymous
lurking in shadows
unnoticed and naked
no title attached
alone, standing quiet
silent sentinel to life
a moment untainted

only a moment

no angle or viewpoint
surrounded by activity
sans desire and intent
baptized by awareness
sanctuary of solitude
replenishing to soul
learn to treasure all

Immortal Touch

i am in search of a muted oracle
a texture i can grasp in my hands
i’m surrounded by silent wilderness
a quest for supreme master’s plan

it might be in the wool of animals
found sifting through darkest sand
in the weight of an artist’s charcoal
gravedigger’s shovel heavy in hand

i think i might know when i find it
yet not from sight, smell, or sound
i will hold it tight then embrace it
with one touch of divine i’ll be bound