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Lineage Aflame

as elder fire turns to coal
and we become the flame
how will they know that
we are not the strangers

heir of kindling stokes us now
bringing heat and brilliant blues
stacked together on the beach
our heritage laid upon a pyre

seaside lovers warm their hands
while longing looks a blaze ignites
send up sparks to darkened sky
season ash then consecrate by name

Chapstick and Tackle Boxes

you ask about my process
like fishing is just about a hook
i’ve seen you standing there
silent by your stream
steeped in silent thoughts

i remember standing next to you
tomboy with bobber only drifting
lips itching to fill your ear
questions, observations, the moment
your eyes always on the water

now we speak of chapstick
found in your father’s tackle box
returning us both to different times
watching fishermen consumed by passion
finding answers at the water’s edge
as i cast words to an open sea

Sophia’s Fall



where has wisdom gone

she dyed her hair red

sauntered off in stiletto heels

proclaiming independence

from responsibility of self and tribe

no longer does she call aloud in the streets

raise a voice to be heard in public squares

a goddess once bathed in sage

searching out both dark and light

now doused with persimmon perfume

talking in riddles declaring autonomy

never once considering inheritance

leaving confusion to rule, bearing war

as only confusion can