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Wide-Eyed Dreaming, a Slow Start


When dawn awakes at a darkened hour

shall I dream or shall I lament

This life is not meant for those that cower

our thoughts alone can detriment

The clouds can shift and storms arise

in my lifetime I can attest

Air that brings forth compromise

can much surprise beset

Day treads forth and unearths details

that represent a life

With small change my heart might sail

others bring me strife

But never trade your wide-eyed dreaming

because things might depart

Allow those tears a cleansing streaming

sometimes the gift is a slow start


What Color is Maturity?

it turns out that it is hit or miss

the salt and pepper of varied experience

a purple robe would be a great addition

not a loose all-encompassing vestment

that speaks of divine hidden knowledge

a fitted number, outgrown and frayed from

searching for the perfect ladder rung

perhaps ripped, revealing frequent descent

inevitable falls back to earth where luckily

movement is broad, possibly prone to change

dynamic in lessons for questing wholeness

allowing for attention to this moment

and discovery that nothing is gained

until you are prepared to let it all go

Calliope’s Refrain

no confining to the space within

crowded and empty at once

demanding discomforting distance

from eager lunge, empty grasp

so sleep in fitful blooms

checking the moon for missing pieces

watching petals float on clouded lids

murmuring secrets scented earthly pine

awaiting return as breeze

to ear

to heart

to hand


Kindle Posse

when different minds

gather for like goals

a flame is quickly lit

encouragement rampant

overtaking old myths

changing the landscape

weaving each other in

an amazing journey

so that none are left





eight, nine, ten

landing on branches

bending from slight weight

not losing a note of their song

how explosive, daylight freedom

no solid ground required for flight




For Calliope

winter yawns weary breathe

upon my creasing brow

I stand up and look about

for unused fields to plow


turn under words laid in haste

seek wisdom from the wind

track my eyes all around

to see what might descend


herein lies the marker stone

of what I think I’ve done

truth be known, outside of me

an unearthly sprite does run


she visits as I’m sleeping

and when I’m hard at work

never pausing long enough

for my values to assert


still I seek her council

looking towards my harvest

will it be found bountiful

or leave me empty hearted

Incidental Desert

where are the pieces found

a collage at the day’s end

hidden in the tissue leaves

of a tree-lined background

tightly wrapped in cloaks

every tone-deaf melody

hoping to capture & hold 

external spins of vertigo silence

before the diamond falls

from the moon

trail maps

weather wearied souls