Monthly Archives: December 2011

Calliope’s Refrain

no confining to the space within

crowded and empty at once

demanding discomforting distance

from eager lunge, empty grasp

so sleep in fitful blooms

checking the moon for missing pieces

watching petals float on clouded lids

murmuring secrets scented earthly pine

awaiting return as breeze

to ear

to heart

to hand


Ode to a Madman

dance cannot be choreographed

by intellect and years of planning

the heart and ears must engage

if not, struggle to dance becomes

years of dissatisfied searching

for the right song

sing now, even if off key

Yard Decor

pink flamingo

stands on one leg

waiting for

other birds

with painted beak

steadfast stance


plastic hearts

Enchanted Alliance

glance to a stranger

many decades gone

desire to know, learn

still lit in my heart

what words will appear

strung like diamonds

that scratch the shell

life has set to grow

layer upon layer thick

hoping glance returns

followed by invitation

electric anticipation

the dance begins, anew

Abiding Flight

clinging to a raven’s wing

while circling the door

praying for heart to sing

while intellect implores

tired souls grow weary

searching for their path

let me see more clearly

before all time does pass

Shedding Layers

the cape that hides

brings me courage

not much different

than a tall bottle

i’m still inside

just harder to find

less commitment

when you don’t exist

she’s just…..

my sister

my mom

my neighbor

my coworker

my wife

my daughter

my friend

my……oh, my

what if all of me

was in my name

would i still be just?