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Abiding Flight

clinging to a raven’s wing

while circling the door

praying for heart to sing

while intellect implores

tired souls grow weary

searching for their path

let me see more clearly

before all time does pass

vernal longings

coloring boiled eggs

because dyeing sounds dramatic

thinking of spring, rebirth, new growth

when you immerse in color

differences become apparent

some spots are lighter

pinpoints not changing at all

other areas are darker

soaking up all that washes over it

like yolks hidden by shell

we try on exterior washes

longing for aesthetic highs

not realizing how much is exposed

Christmas Quiet

awoke at dream’s flight
something on my mind
perhaps, more correctly
something on my heart
a prophet, a man, God 
depicted in every color
so that all can relate
random date assigned 
birth time celebration
it is not about one day 
hope birthed anew
annual renewal reminds
ours is not to act as God 
we only extend invitation
the divine into humanity
Saviour in the recognition
of splendid common ground
awakening once more to belief

Pomegranates & Peacock Feathers






i come here to adorn you with daisy chains of red

  for the beauty of self you have yet to behold, to

    lay pomegranates & peacock feathers at your feet

    to lend you the patience to become whole

    the wisdom of the ages to grant you rebirth

    for you have awakened gratitude in me

  when i was about to release all expectations

and relinquish fanciful dreams