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Ode to a Madman

dance cannot be choreographed

by intellect and years of planning

the heart and ears must engage

if not, struggle to dance becomes

years of dissatisfied searching

for the right song

sing now, even if off key

Heavy Hearted Son

i agree with him
maybe this is best
fast, like a band-aid
but i see sad eyes
oh to cradle, rock
kiss soft red hair
promiseĀ happiness
wrap him up tight
but it is her arms
he is missing
not mine

Broken Stick

light bends
becoming a divining rod
for color
i push a doll in a buggy
years before i wonder
about you
like an open watch back
i am staring again
wheels spinning
teasing out how things work
wondering if we are
still keeping time
or in need of repair
because something skipped
and now the wand
only finds
shades of gray