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Enchanted Alliance

glance to a stranger

many decades gone

desire to know, learn

still lit in my heart

what words will appear

strung like diamonds

that scratch the shell

life has set to grow

layer upon layer thick

hoping glance returns

followed by invitation

electric anticipation

the dance begins, anew

The New Sentinel

memories are singing

through me, from me

louder than canyon echoes 

i watch us

tinting our expressions

with borrowed confidence

we are the parents now

the aunts, the uncles

wanting to pass along

the tribal rites

link arms in communion

surrounding the young

providing a haven

of knowing, of being

with each other

integral to the clan

remaining elders

test the strength

of our bond and purpose

while relaying again

the lyrics of our song 

reluctantly i submit

to the changing of the guard

September 12, 2009

Today is a challenging day for me. I think that today’s poem will make that evident. Tomorrow, I know this from experience, I will let out a long sigh and greet the day as new. If you are also spending time revisiting loss, or experiencing it anew, please know that my heart cries out to you. Give yourself time to weave grief into the fabric of who you are, it will strengthen the seams. It is a process, it does take time, as much time as you need. I am including links here to two additional poems that I have posted previously. They are part of my process and I needed them to somehow be linked together: Fallen Timber and Watch Stop. To those of you that have checked on me today, thank you for your support. It is the hope that pulls me forward on days such as today.