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Maria ( /məˈraɪ.ə/)


here is ancestors’ voice

rising upon the air


welcome home


I am

love not lost

preserved in breath

the fill

the unheard

ponders answered



definitions fall

I am

not to heal

not broken

no path is straight

just forward

nothing destroyed

merely changing form

Hollow Core Door

I’m easy to dent

it may have always been this way

walked through, left open, slammed shut

a forceful punch puts a hole in my core

no easy way to patch, it always leaves a scar

now unhinged and homeless

searching for a way to re-purpose

table to eat upon

desk for recording history

bookshelf of others’ stories


filled up and left solid


Abiding Flight

clinging to a raven’s wing

while circling the door

praying for heart to sing

while intellect implores

tired souls grow weary

searching for their path

let me see more clearly

before all time does pass

Shedding Layers

the cape that hides

brings me courage

not much different

than a tall bottle

i’m still inside

just harder to find

less commitment

when you don’t exist

she’s just…..

my sister

my mom

my neighbor

my coworker

my wife

my daughter

my friend

my……oh, my

what if all of me

was in my name

would i still be just?

Edge of the World

sitting on the edge of the world
watching winds capture curtain
i began trying clouds on for size
blowing by as borrowed distress
some looking as wild horses alit
dragging me with the stampede
to high clouds of icy desperation

on clear days forever bloomed
with hope of eternal existence
encircled by a nimbus of faith
cradled in arms of belief until 
again a mustang would charge
leaving me to teeter and sway

i no longer pilfer heaven’s robe
gales blast then blow across me
no struggle has been harnessed
with repeating choice to remain
sitting on the edge of the world

Forgot the Apron (v2)

sitting quietly at kitchen counter
i realize my mixer is stuck in reverse
ideals and antiquated beliefs
fly out the sides of the bowl
ingredients were added





individually, as directed

it turned out bland

now I scan the shelf for seasonings
borrow a cup of something bold
sprinkle mirth from the back canister
experiment with a new mixture
always changing and adjusting
the personal blend

hoping to beat the secret recipe