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Goodbye Sandman

my muse appeared
with sand dusted feathers

said she had wrangled
the beast i’m always chasing
upstairs, downstairs
across a sleepy town

it made my eyes feel heavy
like a quilt of cotton batting
had been laid across my lids
peace of elders withered arms
wrapped tight around
my tired soul

she made no promises
just told me to sleep
like daytime’s chores
then look for her tomorrow


Broken Stick

light bends
becoming a divining rod
for color
i push a doll in a buggy
years before i wonder
about you
like an open watch back
i am staring again
wheels spinning
teasing out how things work
wondering if we are
still keeping time
or in need of repair
because something skipped
and now the wand
only finds
shades of gray


grapes on vine grow heavy
while mustard seed entwines
soil shared in growth delight
wait to see the fruit they bear
a seasoned sun shines upon
as we reap and then we sow
next pour the wine of clarity
glass filled with all we know
spice is next to palate cleanse
bring attention to our tongue
speak of truths your honesty
when the day is no more sung

Snapping My Fingers

i wish i could snap my fingers

moments of peace would rain

dropping soft like snowflakes

on the mountainside at dawn

sun reflecting the inner light

i have seen in every stranger

passing moment, recognition

like bells and wings of angels

The Way It Is

in search of my taoist farmer

i live in sequence because

the right and left deem it so

if they were to split i might

live in flashes, out of order


like the farmer,  i am hesitant

i do not wish to label today

yesterday’s label seems to bend

becoming elusive over time

my perceptions grow fickle too


so i attempt, in earnest, to settle

into puddles that make you wet

puddles that nourish the earth

puddles that become a flood

ever reminding myself that

it is still only water