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Christmas Quiet

awoke at dream’s flight
something on my mind
perhaps, more correctly
something on my heart
a prophet, a man, God 
depicted in every color
so that all can relate
random date assigned 
birth time celebration
it is not about one day 
hope birthed anew
annual renewal reminds
ours is not to act as God 
we only extend invitation
the divine into humanity
Saviour in the recognition
of splendid common ground
awakening once more to belief


Glimpsing India


like a lotus blooming, she spoke
of home, tales of tears while smiling
a royal bengal tigress, far from home
no longer surrounded by native roars

i sit wide-eyed with curiosity, awe
picturing her in a saffron cape of courage
descriptions of  matchmakers that aid
with prearranged lives, cultural castes
unions that are blessed with mounds
of plantains, milk, bowls of turmeric
prayers sent up to the sun as a god
horoscopes consulted, studied in earnest

wonderous sari of deep red, gold glimmer
intricate head pieces that glitter and dangle
borrowed from the artist that dressed
her skin, her hair, her entrance like
the grace, pride, beauty of a peacock
into a vast sea of 1500 brilliant colors
elder males wearing white, shirtless Brahmin
knots in necklaces, family denoted by lineage
more than title, no simple aunt and uncle
as families bear up the union as prop roots
to massive banyan tree lift fruit to daylight
i wish her the alabaster white of unity and peace
the darkest green of both faith and fertility like
four lions, back to back, may she be courageous

yet while i snack quietly upon ripened mango
there remains a question none of us dare to ask
when the celebration ceases, wedding games end
how do you make love to a stranger