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today i met winter on the road

both dressed in disguise

spring day & young girl

pretending dry leaves

were buds about to pop

melting snow making way

for early crocus blooms

window down, music up

love yet to be discovered

sun beat teasing rhythm

upon our peacock breasts

as we danced

sunset our final curtain 

Tear to Cheek

flying in
over open sea
falling from sky
drifting out
infinite scape
spilling from spirit
no sense of time
just circumstance
on desert scape
tear to cheek

Family Baton

what a joy
to relive the past
without the ghosts
catching the scent
of past meals then
tasting them from
new hands of
next generation

sneaking into
a quiet corner
watching laughter
chase shadows
into the last
note of the song
sad to see coats
calling it a night