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Brandishing Sticks

i worked my sticks today

click, click, clack

thinking of my nephew

the scarf’s recipient to be

how he has become a boy

stitch upon stitch upon stitch

he keeps stretching out

like my fiber creation

i watch those around him

work the sticks, follow the pattern

when the scarf is done

i think my next composition

will be set upon easel, for me

only one stick that does not click

but quietly spreads the color

into new combinations and possibilities

as thoughts unfold upon cloth canvas

with no pattern to follow

Friendship Flower




if i could i would make you a flower of your own

it would smell like vanilla and your favorite soap

a different brilliant color would grace each petal

there would be no thorns to find you unexpectedly

nectar would drip from the petals like honeysuckle

others would wonder at the odd bloom in your hand

but i suspect a smile would break through like a secret

and the next day i would greet you with a full bouquet