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Weekend Call

unknowns can be frightening

even with training

what will this alarm be

odd to train for the hope

that nobody will call

but they generally call

turns out I am best at


seems the best remedy

when nothing can be fixed

slowing my breath

others catch theirs

for a moment

that will no longer be liquid

forever frozen


Silk Thread

how cliche to be on a thin line

but aren’t we all?

spin, bounce, weave, unravel

entangled, forlorn

he knew that he could not fly

spinning lifeline 

hoping for a complete end

bouncing lifeline

the struggle just multiplied

weaving lifeline

thwarted death choices

unraveling lifeline

band of struggling youth

entangled lifeline

lonely in a crowded room

forlorn lifeline

welcome to the rest of the story

life on a line




life pulse

a heart sits

behind the eyes

viewing private tapes

living moments 

abiding in between

interpretations found

rendering verdicts

composing diversions

making silent wishes

until it beats no longer

light goes dim

curtains close

others look for meaning

I Woke Crying

your loss

it brings me to my knees

begging that you be cradled

in giant, loving arms

to hold you tight

because the fall is long

but all the time is needed

to weave a net

from loving memories

the strongest threads


Stripping the Village

gravity is failing

earth, round & spinning

as people fly off

children gathering apples

while adults steal from their labors

pelting each other with the spoils

leaving youth wondering

where do I hold on

as the anchors float away

If You Look




if you look at life as a collection

of memories, celebrations, events

stringing together the pieces can be

like loading a ribbon with jewels


but stones can be semi-precious

they sometimes lose their shine 


if you look at life as a journey

at some point you must consider

the trail, where it leads, where it began

perhaps wondering if you misstepped


but herein lies the adventure

while discovering one’s own path


if you look at life as this moment

breathing out and then breathing in

you might glimpse a star in its brilliance

finding out what is already within

Relinquishing Keys

tomorrow is a big day for me

my youngest child turns 20

it is the relinquishing of the keys

no longer directing a teenager

now advising a young man instead

directions are meant to be followed

but advice is a new beast, optional

we’ve been practicing for a few years

dealing in advice until he chose not to take it

snapping back to direction, me still driving

i don’t expect this to be easy, it wasn’t before

how embarrassing to catch your mom trying

to steal the keys from the hook, sit in the front

why is this so scary? i know he is ready but

maybe i am the one who is not prepared

handing out maps I seem to have misplaced my own

Headlines, Headliners, & Crime


Horse owner’s flyer asks for help with executions                                             

4 arrested after police chase, crash                                                                         

Boulder Valley teachers protest pay                                                                       

Albertsons to shut 5 Colorado stores                                                                      

Aurora cops say attacks on women may be linked                                            

Meth pipeline busted in Colorado                                                                             

Families ask Colo. gov. not to close nursing home                                            

Pakistani Taliban admit leader killed                                                                      

Coroner rules Jackson’s death a homicide                                                            

Cash for Clunkers generates 700K new car sales        



The Killers

The Bouncing Souls

All Time Low

Skinny Puppy

The Almost

No Plot Kill

Social Distortion

King Rat

Murder By Death

The Used



A random pick of headlines and headliners, to be mixed and matched

                          horse killers, crash souls, pay low

                                           shut puppy, women almost, meth kill

                                                                           families distortion, taliban rat, homicide death

                                                                                                      clunkers used


they begin to sound the same

one a commentary for the other

my lovely words tarnished, abused

heart aching for a silver tongue





Stone Cup

today i met a stranger in a stone cup

he doesn’t do portraits, a lover of nature

who would not be here in the foothills

surrounded by beauty and soothing song

things you could never capture with a flash

these things, all of these views and sounds

belong in a stone cup

Future Excavation

voices of the perished used to

only come to the insane

or the divine


then we removed the mystery

captured and ensnared

for the future


the poster girl forever young

in both voice and flesh

laughter ours


royalty of pop culture living

forever on quick feet

velvet tones


the delivery of precanned notions

worldly information

we call news


even an icon hawker of wares

coated in cellophane

to preserve


now we live with replays instead

reverberating echoes

ghostly voices


electronic artifacts to be studied

decoded in the future to

discover us