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For Calliope

winter yawns weary breathe

upon my creasing brow

I stand up and look about

for unused fields to plow


turn under words laid in haste

seek wisdom from the wind

track my eyes all around

to see what might descend


herein lies the marker stone

of what I think I’ve done

truth be known, outside of me

an unearthly sprite does run


she visits as I’m sleeping

and when I’m hard at work

never pausing long enough

for my values to assert


still I seek her council

looking towards my harvest

will it be found bountiful

or leave me empty hearted


Be Thrifty

we think we live
in an economy of time
but we live
in an economy of moments

odd system
no bartering
no trade

how spent
earning luxury
etching fame
easing pain
embracing others

lifetimes of moments
in short time
squander them
hanging on tomorrows
reliving yesterdays
or relish today

regardless of time
only moments
in the end

Broken Stick

light bends
becoming a divining rod
for color
i push a doll in a buggy
years before i wonder
about you
like an open watch back
i am staring again
wheels spinning
teasing out how things work
wondering if we are
still keeping time
or in need of repair
because something skipped
and now the wand
only finds
shades of gray

Joy of a Moment

moments to minutes

minutes to hours

hours to days

days to years

years to a lifetime

but a moment

can stand on its own


like the moment i cradled

my first son

my second son

my dead son

my third son

lucky for me

moments can stand alone


i can recall the scent

the sounds

the colors

the feel

the moment becomes timeless


i can cradle each of you

in a way that does not

demand i let go

demand i move on

demand i say goodbye 

i can feel you in my arms

instead of miles away

instead of in another’s arms

instead of in dust returning to the earth

timeless moments that are mine alone


some might call it denial or

a silly coping mechanism

i call it the joy of a moment

Cracked Sky

last call of the night

first walk of the day

cool air on both our faces

winding down, winding up

forever winding


ticktock, ticktock, clock face

circling round and round

text messages, alarm sounds

drip, drip, drip of coffee

steady humming snores


shared space in cool air

good morning, good night

good to be here