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Maria ( /məˈraɪ.ə/)


here is ancestors’ voice

rising upon the air


welcome home


I am

love not lost

preserved in breath

the fill

the unheard

ponders answered



definitions fall

I am

not to heal

not broken

no path is straight

just forward

nothing destroyed

merely changing form

Hiking Mystic

repelling down a loose strand

of raggedy mountains

while stars spark

into ginger clouds

laughter screaming

down the chute

lean back, no forward

speed is the same

eagerness enhances

lean forward

inhale kicked up dust

for there we return

at the end of the strand


raggedy mountain

The New Sentinel

memories are singing

through me, from me

louder than canyon echoes 

i watch us

tinting our expressions

with borrowed confidence

we are the parents now

the aunts, the uncles

wanting to pass along

the tribal rites

link arms in communion

surrounding the young

providing a haven

of knowing, of being

with each other

integral to the clan

remaining elders

test the strength

of our bond and purpose

while relaying again

the lyrics of our song 

reluctantly i submit

to the changing of the guard

Ever Thankful

serendipity surrounds
as sun seeped slopes
erupt in evergreen hopeful
blazing hearts and trails
leaving mind to wander off
into silent slumbering solitude
soul communing with live
beating drums of eternal embrace
discovering earthen tribes that
become the rhythm that sways
branches of the tallest sycamore
while cradling the possibilities

Cooking With Cousins

i want you to remember
we spied santa on a hillside
our star sang ballads from
psychedelic radio lights
old men that were only
middle-aged crooned and
strummed, sat us on knees
we pelted each other in
crabapple wars when white
flowers fell leaving only fruit
gorgeous flying fruit that 
filled souls rather than bellies
the sting dimmed by laughter

i want you to remember
football in the side yard
where we didn’t let you win
each point you made was yours
holiday shows littered with song
we showcased you, center stage
because there is no resistance
for endless pools of brown eyes
willing innocent’s quiet voice
riding double, even triple on
stingrays, hoping not to fall
being called in to go home
pretending we had all gone deaf

i want you to remember
to let it soak overnight like
frijoles we cook in the morning
simmer like green chile that
brings sweat to brow, grin to face
pull the memories in close
hugged like husk to masa
know that these things, each
rounded us out like bunuelos
refined in the hottest oil
heritage stacked layer upon
layer melting like enchiladas
so our hearts would never know hunger

Communion Hands

"Communion" created by Gary Price

"Communion" by Gary Price


There are many requests to place hands across

Hands Across America

Hands Across Nations

Hands Across The World

The Water

The Lake

The Sea

I don’t know these hands, I am ashamed to admit


I do know

hold your hand as you are dying so that you will not go alone

hold my hand while crossing so that I might protect from inexperience

hold our hands across our hearts as a sign of gratitude

most of all, I know

cradle hearts softly in hands lest they be broken and the communion end