Unexpected Gifts


A few weeks ago Danielle over at Calliope’s Pen gifted me with the Kreative Blogger Award. To be honest it came at a time when I was feeling really unworthy and questioning the value of my own creativity. Being surrounded by the incredible bloggers you find listed to the right can be fairly intimidating. Having one of the most talented in the list single me out is just, well, amazing encouragement. Danielle is not only a talented writer but she is creative in a way few dare. She writes in form, out of form, in a box, with a….oh wait…what I mean to say is – if you really take the time to read Danielle’s work, you will be pulled back again and again. You will want to study the nuances that always exist. You will be challenged to try new angles with your craft because she is that inspiring.

So there are rules with this award and as part of my creative license, I have decided to disregard them. I cannot bring myself to narrow down my blogroll to a handful of creative recipients. Instead I have decided that once a week I will take a moment to tell you what I enjoy most about some of the incredible bloggers to the right. Reader, please stay tuned…fellow bloggers, please consider yourselves equal recipients of my admiration and this award. Feel free to copy the award and, if so inclined, email me for the actual specifics on this award.      

Now, is anybody hungry??


Azfree over at Beyond My Window sent me this yummy today! If I read correctly, she has also deemed today as Sexy Donut Day. Be sure to check out her blog and the extra links you will find there. She is currently working as a journalist in Las Vegas although I am trying to sell her on the merits of Colorado. Her poetry will resonate and stick with you long after you walk away from the screen. Learn about Las Vegas, learn about yourself, just don’t let her slip past you.

Like the award above, this sexy donut is for all the SWEET bloggers out there! Whether you update everyday or once a week – this is for you. I may not always comment, often because I am stunned and can’t think of adequate words, but I am stopping by with coffee in hand you can be sure.

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