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Raggedy Doe

Jane or John

look, really look

you are on the other side

was it messy?


you already went through

waded, weighted, waited

emotions passed

do you remember?

it was everything

still is everything

shares space with everything

and there’s still room

to do amazing

to crash and burn

to ramble past it

to honor with celebration

or blink and it’s gone

you are still here

putting each day behind you

while you push into the next

you are on the other side

look, really look

it is you




it is easy to forget

that each day is new

dictionary always available

to define, refine

sometimes it’s a thesaurus

leading us slowly

to something different


today it is discovery

that old pieces can be recycled

joy has a memory

a shift can drop a piece in place

comforting in familiarity

yet casting a new shadow


sometimes you are most active

when you are still


Thumb wars



let me be your stranger

it’s easier to defy expectations that don’t exist

be my other

new , exciting, unknown

steering our moment

disorienting direction

while I discover missing pieces

words before and after

written in the dictionary


like a boy’s eyelid or a sweatshirt

i’ve been trying to turn myself

inside out

neurons reaching for new connections

electric internal buzz could finally be

set free

words scrambled like a weekend omelet

feelings and emotions tripping over

my heart

racing to interact with everything

tangled, messy, and running amok

no shield 


Ash & Echo

sitting around tribal fire

words go up in smoke

ash & echo remain


discourse lies across

yellowing pages of time

silent rumble filling heads

pulling us towards the flame

pushing ideas deep into embers

as we bury the philosophers’ stone


grapes on vine grow heavy
while mustard seed entwines
soil shared in growth delight
wait to see the fruit they bear
a seasoned sun shines upon
as we reap and then we sow
next pour the wine of clarity
glass filled with all we know
spice is next to palate cleanse
bring attention to our tongue
speak of truths your honesty
when the day is no more sung