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Kindle Posse

when different minds

gather for like goals

a flame is quickly lit

encouragement rampant

overtaking old myths

changing the landscape

weaving each other in

an amazing journey

so that none are left



The New Sentinel

memories are singing

through me, from me

louder than canyon echoes 

i watch us

tinting our expressions

with borrowed confidence

we are the parents now

the aunts, the uncles

wanting to pass along

the tribal rites

link arms in communion

surrounding the young

providing a haven

of knowing, of being

with each other

integral to the clan

remaining elders

test the strength

of our bond and purpose

while relaying again

the lyrics of our song 

reluctantly i submit

to the changing of the guard

Ash & Echo

sitting around tribal fire

words go up in smoke

ash & echo remain


discourse lies across

yellowing pages of time

silent rumble filling heads

pulling us towards the flame

pushing ideas deep into embers

as we bury the philosophers’ stone

Cherry Sour Candy

oh jolly rancher smile

grin me one that aches

like cherry sour candy

women round the table

anecdotes in late hour

eyes dance in laughter 

tribute of recognition

sitting wisdom circle

enlightenment’s gate

holding time hostage

only for the moment

Tribal Fires

we sit in a circle

gathered in ceremony

an unlikely band of medicine women

maternal lineage of the silver iris

breaking bread, opening hearts pages

gathered as scholars, unknowing teachers

i feel a call to dance with elders

to sift fingers through unearthed treasures

travel to corners buried in paper sleeves

spinning crystals in the healing sun

quietly watching thoughts weave together

as steam rises off teacups like smoke

from a tribal fire