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Twerking Monkey



I have a twerking monkey
She sits up on the shelf
Staying nice and low-key
Always sticking to her self
Until the music finds her
Drifting toward the sky
I see her toes start tapping
From the corner of my eye
The toes are entertaining
And her head begins to bob
With a tutu and a headpiece
This monkey ain’t no slob
But as the tunes continue
I question how much fun
Is a dancing monkey with
So much jiggle in her bum


Just Silly

i remember three in a tug boat
was it faith, hope, and charity
maybe not
i think it was jack and jill
upstairs, downstairs, in a nightgown
not so much
i wonder if there was a cow and a moon
someone ran away with it all

Pavlov’s Pawn

a sensory explosion
happens in my nose
(ivan disagrees,
salivary gland)
making mouth water
at the slightest turn
(he thinks a bell
might work too)
first it was curious
now uninvited
how do i explain
(psychic secretion?)
the tart of a lemon
a table away
as i watch eyes
widen with curiosity
(nobel prize already won)
a sneeze and request
to move it further
i think it is a condition
not a reflex

Cracker Jack

box me up like cracker jacks
popped, exposed, lightly coated
with a sweetness that lingers
sprinkle me with nuttiness
then dig around awhile
you might just find a prize
something endearing
worth keeping in your pocket
taking along on adventures
maybe we could be a
double pack

Books for Lunch

i’m eating books for lunch
the pages make me thirst
for those words unknown
like undiscovered dishes
foreign places of mystery
there might be surprises
to steal my breath away
a spicy exotic invitation
consider life in new view
some comforting phrase
matching my favorite tea
begging to pour over me
hearing stomach rumble
i add a side salad

A Kingdom

in the land of socks
there lives a king
that dreams of dryers
and all they bring

the kingdom grows
by leaps and bounds
while naked feet
fall on the ground

but like the crown
upon his head
burdens heavy
filled with dread

for some of them
do arrive alone
looking frayed and
far from home

sees their sadness
no longer a pair
a sovereign heart
out to heal despair

dreaming of dryers
all that they bring
in the land of socks
there lives a king

Belly Laugh



i think i have a twin inside

perhaps i swallowed her at birth

why would i think such a thing


today i watched my nephews

in mirror image

lift up little shirts

each tickling the other’s belly

and i couldn’t tell

where the laughter resided

in the ticklee

or the tickler

then i saw me

laughing at myself