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sleep and consciousness battle

flameless candle of control

leaving me to wonder

where crazy lives

ponders and



absurd board

a bus to sensibility

others searching maps

missing by fleeting minutes

opportunity for the unexpected


Happy Accidents

oh how i love a happy accident, a joyful stumble

like a backward stitch that becomes a new pattern

misplaced paint that balances out the canvas

dragonflies that sleep at 7 when we meet at 6:45

new destinations with wisdom’s words tumbling

clothless tables with coffee rings, biscotti crumbs

passion’s cadence spoken through aged chords

like grapes pulled from the vine and stored in oak

decanting earthy bouquets of ripened knowledge

learned from toiling a lifetime on freedom’s soil

bringing tears to eyes wrung long ago by sorrow

finding out that loss can be revisited without

ripping a new hole in my heart, or in yours

uncovering comfort on a weeknight out

oh how i love a happy accident, i love today