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Magdalene Mist

common name, to easy miss

power in silent observance

virtuous promise of rebirth

but for the pride of first rib

where do the mysteries linger

who is to be invited to the feast

the second table has been set

now faithful await the king


Sophia’s Fall



where has wisdom gone

she dyed her hair red

sauntered off in stiletto heels

proclaiming independence

from responsibility of self and tribe

no longer does she call aloud in the streets

raise a voice to be heard in public squares

a goddess once bathed in sage

searching out both dark and light

now doused with persimmon perfume

talking in riddles declaring autonomy

never once considering inheritance

leaving confusion to rule, bearing war

as only confusion can

Fortune Cookie

you roll me out flat

like a mild flavored dough

fill me up with paper messages

of unrealized anecdotes

like you would somehow know

my destiny, I know what it is

to be folded up like a flower

then devoured after a meal


is this the “refreshing change

in my future” or the “hope that

is the best stimulant of life”

No Unicorns Are Left



in a land of planned out futures

appointments surpass fun

leaving no room for mythology

 or calls for innocents


we’ve outgrown tales of virtue

and beliefs in gifts of providence

no more maidens in the field

weaving daisy chains into crowns


 no unicorns are left

to be called to laps of purity

absent is the  remedy

gone home and left us to our poison


he landed here through parental education

their exchange experience of us and them

language no barrier with others education

we watched him, we watched them, curious

how are they different, how are they the same

still a child, we expected him to be universal

a vegetarian, he told us of KFC under his bed

asked for another burger with the works

his eyes always sparkled like a younger child

like things were new and exciting, not known

surrounded by privileged cynicism, he smiled

the grin of wisdom, knowing, appreciation

a juxtaposition that stretched our understanding

he began to teach himself guitar, wanting the

music to sit tangible in his hands while

singing to release wisdom from his soul

he wrote and sang “45 cents in a stranger’s cup”

and filled my heart to the brim with desire

to be less selfish, to stop and look around me

I played it in loop like I was 12 years old again

he sang of hope and dedicated it to the Eeyores

not angry, just eager to offer another option

we reached the time for their return journey

to Israel, a land I don’t know, to bombings

military training, uncertainty, and old conflicts

I asked him, are you scared, what will you do

he smiled, I’ll go home, I’ll listen to the radio

to know which bus probably won’t blow up

and join in due diligence to protect our beliefs

sometimes happily reflecting that people

I have grown to love here, you just don’t know

you are blessed with ignorance of your bounty

then I realized how my prosperity had grown

Bamboo Aspirations



in a land of ciphers, there is no petition

no solicitation, for the position of Job

though some may die for the divine

nobody signs up to endure the levy

like bamboo in the wind, one must bend

but not be broken, touch bare ground

yet not fracture, though trials be endless

flex ever forward, always yearning for

the cultivation of wisdom that leads to 







Stained Glass Sestina

Sitting, teasing truth from fables on the eve
of my fortieth year. I am a woman
with sons, but not blessed with a daughter.
Some would say more highly esteemed by my Creator.
At times I wonder if I am complete.
It’s different when my niece and I hold hands.

At church I was taught to pray with hands
together – we prayed to Mary, not to Eve.
“Pray for us sinners now and…” you complete
the rest. This is not about the blessed virgin woman
who bore Christ. Impregnated by the great Creator.
How did God decide which winning sinner’s daughter?

I have a responsibility to my nonexistent daughter.
The future of so many is in my trembling hands.
This Christian Nation has been the creator
of tremendous confusion. Misrepresenting Eve,
and me, and my sister, and niece – all women.
The myth and fallacy considered by most, complete.

Nuns taught my Wednesday catechism, complete
with rulers. Did mother know that her daughter
was whacked on occasion? A crazy robed woman
attempting to put the “fear of God” into me. Lay hands
on me now – speak tongues – attempt to save me from my eve
of destruction! How cruel is this hidden Creator?

Male and female together is the perfection and Creator,
or neither, a true God needs no assistance to be complete.
Knowledge was the gift our Lord predestined for Eve,
with Her acceptance, our veil removed by the original Daughter,
so that we could go naked, to the exalted hands
that pulled forth the rib and refined it to Woman.

The Holy Ghost is – was – will be, this Woman
as designed and destined by the almighty Creator.
The final attempt of magical, loving hands
to bring us back so that we can share in the complete
redemption, now possible because of the destiny of First Daughter.
We have left paradise behind in order to join God after our eve.

Redeemed by bleeding hands of a Man, and bleeding through Woman.
Eden was forfeited by Eve, and now we are no longer separate from our Creator.
With the plucking of an apple, our Trinity complete: God, Son and Daughter.