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eight, nine, ten

landing on branches

bending from slight weight

not losing a note of their song

how explosive, daylight freedom

no solid ground required for flight




vernal longings

coloring boiled eggs

because dyeing sounds dramatic

thinking of spring, rebirth, new growth

when you immerse in color

differences become apparent

some spots are lighter

pinpoints not changing at all

other areas are darker

soaking up all that washes over it

like yolks hidden by shell

we try on exterior washes

longing for aesthetic highs

not realizing how much is exposed

Stripping the Village

gravity is failing

earth, round & spinning

as people fly off

children gathering apples

while adults steal from their labors

pelting each other with the spoils

leaving youth wondering

where do I hold on

as the anchors float away

Night Cavern

doubts drip in the night

stalactites in darkness

wondering their color

in an undiscovered cave

past choices whistle by

creating eerie melody

hiding in temperate folds

of a soul seeking sleep

in morning I will crawl

from the mystic hollow

dipping these treasures

in a color of my choice

donning as undergarments

so that only I will know


Pavlov’s Pawn

a sensory explosion
happens in my nose
(ivan disagrees,
salivary gland)
making mouth water
at the slightest turn
(he thinks a bell
might work too)
first it was curious
now uninvited
how do i explain
(psychic secretion?)
the tart of a lemon
a table away
as i watch eyes
widen with curiosity
(nobel prize already won)
a sneeze and request
to move it further
i think it is a condition
not a reflex

Doppelganger Hunt

i have lost my twin
we were separated
before birth, actually
before conception
i think it happened
when the great artist
mixed colors
spread us thin
across life’s canvas
i know i am not alone
many search for
lost connection
trying to complete
the other half
when, sometimes
they don’t feel whole
we scan heavens
hike across hills
scrutinize creek beds
as water reflects
a million faces
exploring daydreams
nights moon struck
by the challenge
still, i am alone
now wondering
is it shadow i seek

This is for Me

I come here to rest

I stay here to breathe

I come here in silence

I stay here in laughter

I find my respite

I find my soul

I search for the answers

I settle for peace