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dead horses


how do they run

on broken legs

without their springs

or hearts

how do they see

through faded paint

lacklustre eyes

mind shut

how do they breathe

in stale thoughts

linen wrapped

in death

There’s Room

I always wonder about eyes

that can only see in one direction

they are unable to navigate

incapable of vision from the otherside

when did liberal become synonymous

with an open and searching mind

me thinks they are mistaken, digression


strong held views, some thought out

asking for rednecks and conservatives

please bring them out on a platter

for what, a yelling match of the deaf

more finger pointing and claims of

being a whore to stereotypes, but

me thinks they are mistaken, digression


learned from somewhere, nobody is born

closed off to the world and others

expensive private schools, some public

offering opportunity and choice, or not

turning the young into tall drinks of water

or maybe just a large swallow of gin

me thinks there is room for digression