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Band of Two

song rolled forth like thunder
grins flashed lightning strikes
air guitar hitting every chord
strumming to the frantic beat
before taking a rock star leap
to crowdless sea of laughter
caught both as sweet refrain
tossing to ottoman for encore
followed by bedtime farewells

Yellow Umbrellas

how would things be
if seagulls were seen as glorious birds
dandelions were hearty flowers
city smells were worth capturing

how would things be
if sad memories didn’t stop us from full lives 
the living didn’t wear black to funerals
old men didn’t send young men to war

how would things be
if we all learned to dance when young
we all learned to sing when young
we all learned to play when young
and didn’t forget when we grew old

A Friend Named Peter

we always seem to wonder

what lurks in the shadows

but what lurks downstairs

in the painted pendants glow

awakened by a noise that

doesn’t fit in my dreams

i glance toward the crack

of my door slightly ajar

is it worth getting up for

in the predawn hours

but that noise again, a laugh

i peek through the crack

like a child spying on santa

something wondrous lurks

my 2 grown boys and a friend

nearly a million legos spread out

the sound of man-sized hands

raking through the tiny landmines

visions of boats and space crafts

visions of creative minds at work

visions of my grown sons as friends

visions of men playing like children

somehow wiser for the effort

i fall back asleep smiling