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do bring your kindest perceptions
when you paint your picture of me
a tired and thoroughly worn vessel
i’m daily fighting to set myself free

it might be that i disappoint some
perhaps i travel an unknown road
worries, fears always in reach here
that type of burden’s a heavy load

this mind wanders into minefields
when left without balance of heart
forgetting the gift is already given
letting doubts try to tear it apart

each morning i step into sunlight
chance is a choice that i’ve made
thankful for beauty surrounding
know debt is with gratitude paid

in anticipation i peek at canvas
find things you think to be true
amazed at all that you capture
the picture of me could be you




i keep squinting to see the limited view

we cast colored glass to the bottom

took turns spinning the tube

every time i look  i see a carnival

in the distance, just out of reach

bright lights, fast rides, the midway

promising too much fun for a quarter

perceptions shifting and changing

playing tricks with eyes and mind

reflections bouncing off angled mirrors

making us seem as one when all we are

is overlapping pieces


The Cow and The Moon

for michael
there is nothing odd about breakfast for dinner
though i admit to being drawn to the eccentric
what makes me smile at a nightcap of cereal is
the easy shift of perceptions, the liquid mind
that lives a life of poetry before picking up a pen

a bowl of milk and grain beneath a harvest moon

Amish Monkey

bifocals don’t always mean old age

sometimes they mean strained eyes

diligent workers and internet dreamers

bring the frantic masses to tired eyes

and fancy new magic glasses to mine

still i cling to the blurred perceptions

i like all my edges soft and forgiving

beating heart in the right condition

worlds in focus scream out decibels

paint harsh lines across all borders

making things too clear for me to sleep

but her name was Anita Montoya and

I read Amish Monkey