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Sophia’s Fall



where has wisdom gone

she dyed her hair red

sauntered off in stiletto heels

proclaiming independence

from responsibility of self and tribe

no longer does she call aloud in the streets

raise a voice to be heard in public squares

a goddess once bathed in sage

searching out both dark and light

now doused with persimmon perfume

talking in riddles declaring autonomy

never once considering inheritance

leaving confusion to rule, bearing war

as only confusion can


No Unicorns Are Left



in a land of planned out futures

appointments surpass fun

leaving no room for mythology

 or calls for innocents


we’ve outgrown tales of virtue

and beliefs in gifts of providence

no more maidens in the field

weaving daisy chains into crowns


 no unicorns are left

to be called to laps of purity

absent is the  remedy

gone home and left us to our poison

Hill Haiku



I perch on a hill

where waters are cold and true

watching sirens dance