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Magdalene Mist

common name, to easy miss

power in silent observance

virtuous promise of rebirth

but for the pride of first rib

where do the mysteries linger

who is to be invited to the feast

the second table has been set

now faithful await the king

Sixth Sense

dragon quest moves
along these streets
cloaked gray mist
to a marble bar

where flower can bloom
beneath boiling water
ailments healed by

words drift to open ear
anxious discovery
of the veiled lair
passage home

Bathroom Buddah


IMG_0681there is a buddah in my bathroom

he sits there patiently

people go in, people come out

his gaze never waivers

the fan goes on, the fan goes off

he never stops to eat

paper restocked, surfaces cleaned

his grin is permanent

there are showers, there are soakings

he is the red buddha

people must wonder, maybe they stare

his creases are dusty

a tissue, quick belly rub as you pass

he is bathroom buddha