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Suspended Honey

canvas sits empty
staring me down
bright reflection
daring to feel
so many colors
begging broad strokes
and intricate details
something to define
but caps stay on
bristles unmoved
lingering over
the masterpiece
one more day


It’s Thursday again which means…Jingle‘s Thursday Poets’ Rally!! I have really been enjoying the weekly challenge of this wonderful rally of poets. Last week I was again awarded for being a regular at the rally. It is my pleasure to pass the award along to Michele Spector at Art is My Religion. I love how she sometimes follows her poems with further insight. Be sure to visit her!


No Loss

i wondered if today was lost
to holiday laziness and fun
but then i remembered
laughter, wishes, debates
and hugs – leftovers of
home cooked meals
challenged health
being overcome
weather that took
my breath away
then handed it back
holiday news shared
new friendships forging
loved ones eager snoring
i had almost forgotten
each moment a simple gift
now convinced nothing is lost

Edge of the World

sitting on the edge of the world
watching winds capture curtain
i began trying clouds on for size
blowing by as borrowed distress
some looking as wild horses alit
dragging me with the stampede
to high clouds of icy desperation

on clear days forever bloomed
with hope of eternal existence
encircled by a nimbus of faith
cradled in arms of belief until 
again a mustang would charge
leaving me to teeter and sway

i no longer pilfer heaven’s robe
gales blast then blow across me
no struggle has been harnessed
with repeating choice to remain
sitting on the edge of the world