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Band of Two

song rolled forth like thunder
grins flashed lightning strikes
air guitar hitting every chord
strumming to the frantic beat
before taking a rock star leap
to crowdless sea of laughter
caught both as sweet refrain
tossing to ottoman for encore
followed by bedtime farewells

Cracker Jack

box me up like cracker jacks
popped, exposed, lightly coated
with a sweetness that lingers
sprinkle me with nuttiness
then dig around awhile
you might just find a prize
something endearing
worth keeping in your pocket
taking along on adventures
maybe we could be a
double pack

Christmas Window

some storefront windows
have elegant displays
meant to entice you
place a tag on happiness

other scenes exist
their goal is comfort
for laughter to gather
to be warmed by the fire
fed by homemade meals
recipes for contentment
handed down the ages
remembered as unwrapping
each forgotten ornament

Belly Laugh



i think i have a twin inside

perhaps i swallowed her at birth

why would i think such a thing


today i watched my nephews

in mirror image

lift up little shirts

each tickling the other’s belly

and i couldn’t tell

where the laughter resided

in the ticklee

or the tickler

then i saw me

laughing at myself