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Kindle Posse

when different minds

gather for like goals

a flame is quickly lit

encouragement rampant

overtaking old myths

changing the landscape

weaving each other in

an amazing journey

so that none are left




grapes on vine grow heavy
while mustard seed entwines
soil shared in growth delight
wait to see the fruit they bear
a seasoned sun shines upon
as we reap and then we sow
next pour the wine of clarity
glass filled with all we know
spice is next to palate cleanse
bring attention to our tongue
speak of truths your honesty
when the day is no more sung

Books for Lunch

i’m eating books for lunch
the pages make me thirst
for those words unknown
like undiscovered dishes
foreign places of mystery
there might be surprises
to steal my breath away
a spicy exotic invitation
consider life in new view
some comforting phrase
matching my favorite tea
begging to pour over me
hearing stomach rumble
i add a side salad

Tribal Fires

we sit in a circle

gathered in ceremony

an unlikely band of medicine women

maternal lineage of the silver iris

breaking bread, opening hearts pages

gathered as scholars, unknowing teachers

i feel a call to dance with elders

to sift fingers through unearthed treasures

travel to corners buried in paper sleeves

spinning crystals in the healing sun

quietly watching thoughts weave together

as steam rises off teacups like smoke

from a tribal fire