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it is easy to forget

that each day is new

dictionary always available

to define, refine

sometimes it’s a thesaurus

leading us slowly

to something different


today it is discovery

that old pieces can be recycled

joy has a memory

a shift can drop a piece in place

comforting in familiarity

yet casting a new shadow


sometimes you are most active

when you are still


Ash & Echo

sitting around tribal fire

words go up in smoke

ash & echo remain


discourse lies across

yellowing pages of time

silent rumble filling heads

pulling us towards the flame

pushing ideas deep into embers

as we bury the philosophers’ stone

Hand of Leaves

hand of leaves




sometimes i keep notes on scrap papers

just like leaves that have fallen from trees

they are scattered about me at arms length


quotes, notes, inspirations raked up in a messy heap

meant to help me sit down and focus, to finally begin

but I find myself distracted, tossing ideas up to the air


the words keep painting brilliant pictures

lead me down a crisp young autumn lane

sitting here just smiling, at a loss again