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Jupiter Crossing

Time splits, arrow through apple

moment held as a camera flash

Two boys, smiling by a tree

no thoughts of bearded faces

Orbits created, joy magnified

creatures that leap and bound

Time cracks, hammer to stone

picture on yellowing paper

Two teens, always headed out

looking for keys to autonomy

Patience sits, tail wagging

waiting for moons to set

Time rips, heart is bared

vision crisply riding the air

Two men, glancing homeward

remembering lessons learned

Planet rests, stops rotation

drifting off to final repose


Brandishing Sticks

i worked my sticks today

click, click, clack

thinking of my nephew

the scarf’s recipient to be

how he has become a boy

stitch upon stitch upon stitch

he keeps stretching out

like my fiber creation

i watch those around him

work the sticks, follow the pattern

when the scarf is done

i think my next composition

will be set upon easel, for me

only one stick that does not click

but quietly spreads the color

into new combinations and possibilities

as thoughts unfold upon cloth canvas

with no pattern to follow

Joy of a Moment

moments to minutes

minutes to hours

hours to days

days to years

years to a lifetime

but a moment

can stand on its own


like the moment i cradled

my first son

my second son

my dead son

my third son

lucky for me

moments can stand alone


i can recall the scent

the sounds

the colors

the feel

the moment becomes timeless


i can cradle each of you

in a way that does not

demand i let go

demand i move on

demand i say goodbye 

i can feel you in my arms

instead of miles away

instead of in another’s arms

instead of in dust returning to the earth

timeless moments that are mine alone


some might call it denial or

a silly coping mechanism

i call it the joy of a moment