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New Maps

searching for alluring roads

paved with broken certitude

sweat of another man’s toil

so that a map could be lent

to all of life’s followers, who

was this pioneer that dared

to brave wild new territory

clear out overgrown doubt

pave the path of aspiration

liberating another frontier

future progeny dare follow

was he a simple man like me


Jingle let me know that there is a Monthly Poetry Contest going on over at David L Harrison’s Blog. You are given a one word prompt and submit through the comment section. I submitted this for the February prompt, Road. Hopefully I will see many of you over there – Have a terrific weekend!

Dream Parade

to dream a dream
first find joy
hiding in the parade
follow the laughter
the trail of smiles
steps that take flight
or bounce lively
a satisfied sigh
now bring it along
follow the route
pavement blazing
unexpected detours
keep the joy close
taking each step
living the dream


elusive dreams float
between id and ego
creating a strange parade
audience or participant
desire or self-control
passion or planning
a combination
truth naked
like the emperor
eyes are shut