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Gift Giver

every birthday party

every gift surprise

his eyes light up

he can hardly wait

gifts from not to him

another’s gilded year

but his face gleams

with excitement

as big moments

draw in near

he finds it hard

to keep a secret

happy thoughts

he loves to share

a thoughtful son

named Erik with

heart so big and rare

Fire Rose




this was once

a birthday flower

not my favorite kind

i loved it still

gazing for days

until it wilted


i kept this memory


like me

it was warm on the inside

with fire on the edges




Waterfall Offering

i have my own waterfall picture

framed with mirror along the edge

perhaps this is so it can reflect

like water at a cascade’s base

or a storyteller from our tribe

it plugs in and it lights up

it even moves and roars

reminds me of a younger son

searching for a ritual to manhood

looking for tokens to place at my feet

selected one afternoon just for me

a gift of my own piece of solitude

hangs in the corner of my room

curious how such a young man knew

I was looking for a place I could go

for me alone, that could soothe my soul

Friendship Flower




if i could i would make you a flower of your own

it would smell like vanilla and your favorite soap

a different brilliant color would grace each petal

there would be no thorns to find you unexpectedly

nectar would drip from the petals like honeysuckle

others would wonder at the odd bloom in your hand

but i suspect a smile would break through like a secret

and the next day i would greet you with a full bouquet