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Quick Update

Just a quick note to let you all know that I am thinking of you and hoping to visit your blogs this weekend. Class for the new job is very intensive and not leaving me much free time at this point. I will not be participating in Jingle’s Thursday Poetry Rally for a few weeks but highly recommend that you visit and participate if you can. You will find some amazing poets there. Take care, be well, stay happy! ~Jaymie

Brief Update

It has been a crazy few weeks in Jaymieland. Celebrations, family fun, accepted a job, joined a writer’s group, forgot to read the book for bookclub (who doesn’t love reading a book in a day?), babysitting my twin nephews, out of town guests, did I mention the new job? Now I am in frantic organization mode and learning a new phone so I can keep up. Please bear with me as I am determined to return to more regular poetry postings in the near future. I’m dancing as fast as I can and hoping you are hearing the beautiful music of spring.

A Message for Soul Dose (A Copy of Luisa Doraz’s Post)

Soul Dose has been fighting an illness, and she is feeling lost right now. She has exhausted all of her options in South Africa, where she lives now with her family. In my opinion, she needs to seek a charitable foundation in this world of ours, that will take on her illness…and find some answers for her. Her family resources are limited and almost depleted. If ANYONE knows of ANY PLACE that can HELP, Soul Dose PLEASE go to her blog, and pass it on. I am going to start looking on the internet for her to see what I can find. YOUR LOVE AND COMPASSION IN THIS MATTER IS DEEPLY APPRECIATED.

Like others, I am passing along the message that Luisa Doraz at Believe In Yourself has so eloquently constructed on Silindile Ntuli’s behalf. Please visit Soul Dose for more information on her illness and to pass along any sort of assistance you can provide.