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Lessons in Joy

today a little boy spoke

a war ended, soldiers returned

mothers were crying

Can I have some juice, please?

tears splashed over her grin

they peeled off dusty clothes

new routines were developed

because of change

she watched to see if it was real

families reunited

heart touched, he began to sing

when the song reached my heart

joy was shared

**Autism, much like war, can make loved ones battle weary.  Every breakthrough is like bringing a mother’s child home.  When I heard about the recent accomplishments of my friend’s son that is diagnosed with autism, it made me think of a soldier on leave.  Long arduous time away from loved ones, culminating in the joy of reconnection.  This is life, this is joy, this is challenge, and reward.  As I begin a new year, let this remind me to celebrate victories and to appreciate the battles.  The payoff to the battle is coming home and learning joy again.  Our struggles may be different but let us share the joy that emanates from a love we all understand.


Kindle Posse

when different minds

gather for like goals

a flame is quickly lit

encouragement rampant

overtaking old myths

changing the landscape

weaving each other in

an amazing journey

so that none are left



Scuba Vows

stories wash up

upon calm seas

tangled  amidst

driftwood shores

images follow

brilliant snapshots

reflecting the sun

funny that

self contained




turned one into two

synchronizing lives

combining goals

creating a circle

instead of tying a knot

Sixth Sense

dragon quest moves
along these streets
cloaked gray mist
to a marble bar

where flower can bloom
beneath boiling water
ailments healed by

words drift to open ear
anxious discovery
of the veiled lair
passage home

Cracker Jack

box me up like cracker jacks
popped, exposed, lightly coated
with a sweetness that lingers
sprinkle me with nuttiness
then dig around awhile
you might just find a prize
something endearing
worth keeping in your pocket
taking along on adventures
maybe we could be a
double pack

Cherry Sour Candy

oh jolly rancher smile

grin me one that aches

like cherry sour candy

women round the table

anecdotes in late hour

eyes dance in laughter 

tribute of recognition

sitting wisdom circle

enlightenment’s gate

holding time hostage

only for the moment


standing in the shadow of a st bernard

knowing things are mind over matter

somehow allowing friendship to forge

simple minds of simple animals teach

man or beast, large or small, it can be