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Chasing Shadows


i hadn’t thought of you

except as a catalyst for blame

in a long while


tonight i remembered

tarantulas running wild

a sun made of ice

slow warming hearts

that melted


i always thought you

would be a keeper

of puddled dreams

but you chased a shadow

caught it by the tail

barely glancing back


i watched

the last drops


into the dry air

of a colorado summer




Heartfelt Thank You



I want to send a heartfelt thank you out to April and Shraddha over at The Self Love Project for bestowing the One Lovely Blog Award to me today.  They bestowed it for my insightful musings.  Insightful is a tall order, I’ll do my best!  Thank you again ladies.  Everyone be sure to visit them for insights on reinvention…we all need to learn to love ourselves before we can pour it out freely.

Package Deal

i try to compartmentalize my life each day

intellectual challenges go in the filing cabinet

emotionally charged items I hide in my pillow

spiritual questions light a path through the woods

it is an attempt to appear strong and invincible

but filing cabinets are only as organized as their keeper

though i try, changing the case doesn’t remove tearstains 

and those woods, they are incredibly easy to get lost in

so i live my life in separate sections, just trying to maintain

thinking i might be the only one that can’t juggle fast enough

flips and spins are suddenly disrupted when tragedy strikes

it doesn’t even have to belong to me, if it belongs to you, it is ours

i attempt to straighten files and make sense of the senseless

my tears streak down my face rather than being muffled by feathers

lifting my head, i search for a breeze to bring back significance

remembering that it is a package deal, the pieces make me whole

Easy Chair





 humid summer rain

melts my hurried step

urging me to slide into

an easy chair beside you

trading stories, sharing silence

sinking deeper into

the evaporating mist

Festival Fun

we don’t pack them in

but tents will be touching

there will be delights beyond compare

crooners will sing you to sleep

maybe keep you awake

consider it pre-show


Just a quick note dear readers to let you know that I am at a folk festival this weekend. Inspiration or not, I will be getting something posted each day. With the very limited connectivity options I may not have a chance to reply to emails and comments.  I will be sure to catch up Sunday night or Monday morning depending on when I roll into the cozy abode. Cheers and happy weekend!!

Taken By Surprise

Sometimes I am taken by surprise

     by a word

          the laughter

               the questions

                    or a smile

sometimes it is just the silence

Hovav Hangover

i hold memories of you in my hand

an electronic flashback i play at will

in your words i hear a hopeful smile

that our world can change, even now

that weakening borders might allow

outstretched hands to embrace

that hunger might become a choice

we might trudge only through

the depth of our gratitude

optimism raining over us