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grapes on vine grow heavy
while mustard seed entwines
soil shared in growth delight
wait to see the fruit they bear
a seasoned sun shines upon
as we reap and then we sow
next pour the wine of clarity
glass filled with all we know
spice is next to palate cleanse
bring attention to our tongue
speak of truths your honesty
when the day is no more sung


Punk Rock Boy

punk boy

what can be said about a punk rock boy

at chuck e cheese that would make sense

can you be a rebel without being rebellious

ask only questions without real answers

are you wise enough to be our caricature

crying out against inequality and injustice

pointing out that we gave up our freedom

with the purchase of comfortable recliners

that sit in front of flat screen televisions

grown beyond the original technicolor yawn

no wonder you look angry holding that cup

Freedom Dance

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” – Friedrich Nietzsche


the purveyors of insanity that fill our streets

avoid blackened hearts, gone dark with greed

swing tree to tree with earthy sweet melody

grounded only by childlike belief in possibilities


the burden of sanity fills homes, cubicles, minds

fearing footloose steps found in freedom’s dance

trudging daily towards paycheck studded yokes

concrete foundations sinking deeper in mortality


the poverty of a soul can be remedied by rhythm

hips caught in the drumbeat of seeming madness

thoughts abandoned in favor of harmonious song

embracing chaos while dancing within the silence